Here are the downloads in GPX format, if you would like to see other formats here, please drop me an email. I update these files as soon as I get new waypoints, or corrections. Also, if you see anything incorrect, or have waypoints to share, please send me an email. If sharing your waypoints, please send the Name of the waypoint, ie: Kicco Trailhead, the GPS coordinates(any format is fine), and a brief description.

Please remember that this accumulated data is currently open source, which means you can do anything you like with the data, with the exception of selling it. However only submit data from non-commercial sources.  This means you can collect the data yourself, from your own travels, from government released data, ie: the Forestry Service, or Department of the Interior, or other place that says you are freely allowed to use and publish the data. This does not include data from subscription pages such as Trails.com.

IMPORTANT LAWYER SPEAK:The data contained in these tracks cannot be guaranteed to be error free due to reroutes, closed or damaged trails. So use these GPS tracks with common sense, as I nor anyone else is responsible for you getting lost, maimed, mangled, bitten, or any other bodily harm.